Take your intercultural, personal or professional challenges by the hand with RACE©!

In your work with diverse cultures you may encounter misunderstandings. Usually these become manifest when the deeper meaning, intention or motivation is denied, and they can cause negative effects on working relationships and performance. With RACE© you work from a misunderstanding to a development – step by step.

If you face obstacles in your personal or professional life, you can take these obstacles as a means to grow instead of a hindrance. With RACE©, you can transform into a powerful human being who takes responsibility for her or his life and can contribute to a better life for others as a leader or trainer.

RACE© is:

Accept, Appreciate and Acknowledge
Commit and Connect

(Young) professionals and leaders who work with diverse cultures can benefit from RACE©. The model is flexible and applicable for every unique person since it uses your personality and experiences. You lead your own process and we coach you, train you, and do whatever is needed to keep you evolving.

Higher Education Institutes can buy learning packages for their students.

Other services you can receive from Evolver are:

Intercultural Sensitivity:
1. Facilitation of intercultural dialogues for teams and management boards
2. Coaching towards intercultural sensitivity
3. Guest lectures / key note speaker in intercultural sensitivity

Education management and didactics:
4. Guest lectures / key note speaker in effective learning
5. Training and coaching higher education institutes in effective learning      and teaching
6. Training teachers in didactics

7. Management Coaching
8. Personal Coaching

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