Personal and professional growth

through intercultural diversity and inclusion

To be successful in our personal and professional life nowadays we need to think more and more inclusive. We encounter intercultural, personal and professional diversity and are challenged to bend the differences we meet to our advantage. The more we succeed in this, the more successful we will be on an international scale.

Evolver works with a model that enables you to turn any challenge into an opportunity for growth and effective cooperation, communication and leadership.

This model is called GRACE

GRACE turns your

challenges into opportunities

With GRACE you work to understand the deeper meaning, intention and motivation of these differences and to learn how to benefit from them – step by step.

With GRACE you learn to transform into a powerful human being who takes responsibility for her or his life and can contribute to a better life for others as a leader, coach or trainer.

GRACE specially for you

GRACE is developed for leaders, teams & management boards, higher Education Institutes and teachers. We also provide learning packages for students on intercultural diversity and inclusion that can be implemented in a curriculum.

Grace offers the following services

  • Intensive coaching trajectory (6 months or 12 months), with coaching interventions, avatar sessions, cultural ‘confrontations’, training, breath work and physical work. Time investment 4 hours per month (contact hours) plus ‘homework’
  • Short coaching trajectories, 6 sessions
  • Intercultural training and dialogues,1, 2, 3 days, follow-up if needed, made-to-fit
  • Advising on diversity, inclusion and intercultural cooperation in organisations
  • Training for trainers and coaches, management skills, change management trajectories
  • Guest lectures and key note speaker on intercultural sensitivity, on education management and didactics, effective learning

Leaders and professionals

Leaders who work with diverse cultures can benefit using GRACE. The model is flexible and applicable for every unique person since it uses your personality and experiences. You lead your own process and we coach you, train you and do whatever is needed to keep you evolving and feed your intercultural sensitivity.

Teams and management boards

Teams and management boards learn through GRACE to benefit from their intercultural dialogue. By expressing diversity en emphasizing inclusion teams will be coached to evolve into strong(er) entities.

Higher Education Institutes

Higher Education Institutes can learn through GRACE to embrace diversity and evolve with that their effective learning and teaching skills. GRACE can be implemented on a management level. Also teachers can evolve their intercultural didactics if trained by the principles of GRACE.

GRACE is based on 25 years of

international experience

Silvia van der Cammen is the founder of GRACE and based this method on 25 years of international experience as management consultant, (project and change) manager, trainer, coach and teacher. She worked in over 30 countries all over the world and lived in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Silvia combines her experiences in business and education with her spiritual education and academic background in organizational development and education science. Silvia is also a certified yoga teacher.

‘Our international management team will work a lot more efficiently and effectively thanks to the help of Silvia and her extensive experience.’

‘We strongly recommend Silvia to multinational organisations’

Head of HR, ABB Vietnam

‘Silvia’s warm personality and human interest create a pleasant atmosphere in which staff feel safe to express their thoughts and concerns.’

‘Silvia’s excellent social and communicative skills are complemented by a strong practical and theoretical background, adding substance to the training and coaching.’

Director PT Witteveen+Bos Indonesia

‘Silvia is an excellent trainer, has excellent communication skills and is a joy to work with. She would be a tremendous asset for your company.’

Director International Business & Communication, HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Get in touch with Silvia

and ask her all about GRACE

Skype: silviavdc
+31 6 28 02 56 56